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The Advantages of Online High School

Not everyone fits into the atmosphere that a day-to-day brick and mortar high school offers. Some students are interested in daytime internships related to their career goals, pursuing acting auditions, traveling, or avoiding the restrictions and lack of attention that comes with overcrowded public schools. Perhaps you left high school behind long ago and are now interested in getting your diploma. Whatever the reason for choosing an online high school, the advantages are many.

Exceptional Instruction

Experts in their fields rarely have time to schlep to the local high school and teach classes. With an online high school, your instructor most likely is actively working in the fields they teach. You get up-to-date instruction that comes straight from the horse’s mouth, as opposed to learning from someone who has only read the book they are about to teach you.

Forget the GED

If time is of the essence, simply taking and passing the General Education Diploma exam is one way to acquire credit for high school. There is, however, a prejudice against the exam as a viable substitute for sitting in a classroom. An online high school, however, offers the chance to acquire an actual high school diploma and avoid having to explain yourself every time you apply for a job.

Home Alone

An online high school doesn’t post your picture or your age or your weight. No questions about race or religion are necessary. In fact, your name won’t even be known by anyone but the instructor unless you decide to share it.

Also, you’re in your own home. You can do all your schoolwork in your pajamas. Try that with a regular school.

On Your Time

With an online high school, you can choose a program that allows you to work through the courses at your own pace and your own time. Your schedule is yours; only due dates will restrict you.


If you prefer, you can choose a program, which requires that you be at your computer and available to chat with your instructor and other students at a set time every week. You may benefit from this interaction, or you may need this scheduled time to help you stay motivated and current in your studies. There are many online high school programs, however, that don’t require this, if you prefer to work on your own time.

Characteristics of a Successful Online High School Student

Not just anyone is a good candidate for online high school. This is not an easy way out by any means. If anything, online high school may be more academically challenging than attending a public high school.

To succeed in an online high school, you should be a good communicator, be comfortable using a computer, and be self-motivated and able to schedule your time so that you can accomplish what you need to accomplish. If this describes you, then an online high school may be the perfect choice to acquire a high school diploma.

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