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Choosing An Online School Is Only A Click Away

With more than 1,000 online schools to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when looking for the perfect one for you. Take the following points under consideration and you will be able to make an educated and informed decision when choosing an online school.

  • Accredited? When a school, online or offline, is accredited it means that they are registered with and approved by The US Department of Education. There are also six regional accreditation commissions as well as the Distance Education and Training Council with whom you can check out your online schools of interest.
  • History. Yours isn’t the only academic record that should be in question. Take a good look at their history. They should have no problem telling you when they began operations, how many graduates they claim, as well as how many of their graduates are currently employed in their chosen field.
  • Professional accreditation. Check with accrediting organizations in your field and make sure that the program you’re interested in is one that they officially recognize. It won’t do you any good to go through a degree program at an online school if your degree won’t be recognized when it comes time to take the certification exams.
  • Credit transfer. Do you have credits from other schools that will apply to your chosen degree program? Make sure that the online school that you choose will accept these credits. No need to spend the money or the time to re-take a class when you’ve already learned the material.
  • Instructional format. Do you prefer to go through a course at your own pace or would you rather be more interactive? Make sure that the online school that you choose offers your course program in the manner with which you are most comfortable. You’re more likely to succeed if you choose an online instructional format that suits your lifestyle and personality.
  • Experienced instructors. Who will be teaching the courses in your online degree program? What degrees do they hold and from what institutions? Do they have real world experience? What makes them qualified to teach? You deserve to learn from the best. Make sure you do.
  • Other Services. What else is included or provided by the online school of your choice? Is there a resource library and center, a great technology infrastructure, advisers and career counselors, technical support, career placement services, a network of graduated alumni, and online services where students may meet and post messages?
  • Tuition. Is this within your budget? Is the price a good value for the services and education you will receive? Are there scholarships or financial aid packages available? A payment plan? Make sure there aren’t any hidden fees before you commit to your new online school.

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